Situation and development in Europe and in Finland as well forces large and small companies to examine performance, operations, products and services as well as resources critically.

The company must be operated profitably, economically - keeping the costs as low as possible. Company’s own personnel is normally the best solution, if they are qualified enough, because they do know the company well. On the other hand this may also be problem when a change is needed. If the expertise needed is missing or the resources are otherwise "not suitable for the purpose" - use of (at least temporarily) external professionals is a good solution. When the company uses external resources these, too, have to be competent and experienced so that orientation and guidance needed to get them productive can be as short as possible!

Although resources may need  to be reduced the former/changed roles and jobs as a rule need to be taken care of. This is so even though the operations and products & services are in need of change.  Changes often also require more and often different inputs and qualifications than before and usually it is difficult to carry out the changes by existing resources.

For the existing resources it is often difficult to think of a new commitment, if/when the mind is spinning in company wide changes or private matters. The situation must be calmed down  and the processes re-determined  preferably together  with the employees/staff.


MKC Finland Oy/the undersigned has besides operative roles about 30 years and more than 1000 company experience in development, consulting, auditing, training and 3rd party Certification  in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and West Germany. See the enclosed CV.

Consulting has generally been associated with management, leadership, business and management systems, mostly quality-environment-safety-OHSAS (QEHS) manag-ement systems and risk management. During the last 10 years emphasis has more and more been with  the business areas and processes, continuous improvement, supplier collaboration and employee development and commitment to company objectives and targets. This is due to the many sided and long experience of the undersigned.

Professional skills, strong knowledge and understanding of the processes/process management  and criteria  and the ability to get the personnel committed to developing have been our strength all the way.  Adding to the above mentioned   ability to cooperate with the company personnel at all levels makes us a good and profitable partner/substitute.

We do know the Finnish culture and values, what the processes and (standard) requirements stand for, what is the aim and how to put things work. Non-functioning systems and processes are just waste of money and headache for the management and employees alike.  Management systems, process descriptions etc. must be realistic, work for real, improve performance and help people to carry out what they are recruited for – give value added. Formal ineffective systems and structures are merely a cost.

Whatever is needed to be done must be done properly because it’s the only way that gives results - anything else does not  bring “honour and glory” to anyone!

See the enclosed documents about MKC Finland Oy/Markku Kylmänen’s background.

MKC Finland Oy is offering services for you for the following reasons, among other things 

  • we know the Finnish culture and legal requirements (most)

  • we have a very long  and well valued professional  experience and good qualifications

  • we have long and tested experience in business management and QEHS-management system development as well as QEHS-management system certification for about 30 years

  • we can offer several different solutions and implementation models for most of the business, process and operative needs

  • besides  having knowledge of the Finnish business environment and the Finnish way of thinking we also have experience  of working with international/ multina-tional companies

  • the present economic and political environment is difficult for most of the companies – we can help you economically

  • the investments made should be productive, profitable and working reliably as quickly as possible

  • the internal and external activities, processes, products and services must meet the requirements set for them from the very beginning to assure customer satisfaction


    MKC Finland Oy is offering services for your company/TOP management on a contr-actual basis  - short assignments or on a long-term contract basis for example the following areas and services:

    General offering

In the following some of the items are roughly opened, some need no explanation.


Applicable languages:

Temporary  or longer term resource  needs

Professional experience specialties:


  • audits, investigations and studies before the purchase/acquisition etc. of the target company – mostly QEHS, management and processes

  • supplier audits in Finland and abroad

  • training the company’s internal processes and managements system for efficient implementation
    • management  - different levels
    • personnel
    • suppliers and other respective interested parties

  • build up of a (any form - visual, WEB)  QEHS management system complying   with Certification criteria/needs (if deemed necessary)
    • management and processes
    • system requirements
    • continuos improvement
    • risk management
    • operative processes

  • QEHS manager/operative manager/process owner – QA/QC

  • operative process management – R&D/engineering, sales, production etc.

  • subprocesses like HR, purchasing/supplier management, maintenance

  • utilizing iGrafx software  solutions for management systems/management/ process management

  • other needs


    Pricing of the services are contract based depending on the type of the service and qualification requirements, but will be surely competitive and fair. The pricing can be based on

  1. a fixed daily price 700  - 1.100 €/day + VAT + travel and accommodate expences.

  1. daily price that is dependent on the number of days per month/agreed period, as an example, ref. to agreed day price

  1.  1 - 3 day   - 100 %
  2.  4 - 6 day   -   80 %
  3.  6 -10 day  -   70 %

  1. special activities/projects will be agreed case by case

Thank you for your time, hopefully this offer interests you.

Our  basic aim is to help companies/businesses to succeed in Finland.  We offer short and long term qualified resources at your service. Please do not hesitate contacting us and asking for more information! Mutual discussion is necessary to define the need, to clarify our ability to assist you and to enable us to create together the most effective co-operation form.

Looking forward  to your contact and to be able to assist you in your needs.

Best regards


Markku Kylmänen

CEO, Senior Business Consultant, Lead Assessor

MKC Finland Oy

+358 45 1118844

Luhtipolku 10 16510 Orimattila